Insurance offer for foreign customer

Kancelaria brokerska Cliff - comprehensive assistance in the field of insurance and claims settlement

Matching the insurance offer to a corporate client requires an individual, unconventional approach. Taking into account the specificity of a given activity makes the final insurance product comprehensive protection for health and property. The Cliff brokerage office acts as an intermediary in concluding insurance contracts, providing lists of offers from many insurance companies cooperating with us. We take care to negotiate a favorable offer by preparing an individual insurance plan. We invite you to read the description of our services, which become the foundation for a safe and stress-free business.

Brokerage service - what does it consist of?

One of the pillars of our brokerage service is intermediation in concluding insurance contracts. We carry out a detailed analysis of the client's risk, which results in the creation of an insurance protection program. We compare the offers of many insurance companies, proposing a solution that closely meets the client's needs.
The Cliff brokerage office also deals with the day-to-day administration of the insurance contract. In this category, we include services to adapt policies to changing risk conditions, as well as to monitor renewals, especially important for the vehicle fleet. We verify insurance documents in terms of their correctness. The policy administration offer also includes the termination of contracts and the organization of premium refunds.

The third pillar of the brokerage service consists in handling claims for insurance contracts. We take over all matters related to reporting losses and claims to insurers, monitoring the entire claim settlement process. Insurance experts advise on the matters of collecting documentation and provide legal assistance, clarifying any doubts of the client.

In the case of underestimating the amount of compensation by Insurer, we prepare letters appealing against the decision, supported by solid arguments. The Cliff brokerage office deals with the pursuit of claims and compensation from insurers for property, personal and communication damage.

Insurance offer for various industries

The final shape of the insurance contract depends on the industry in which the client's company operates. We help the waste management industry by proposing a package to secure claims. Waste generates a frequent risk of fires, which should be included in your policy. When choosing the appropriate insurance, waste requires taking into account damage to machines, vehicles and buildings. We provide waste processing companies with various options for machine insurance. In a product aimed at securing claims, the policy must include provisions on the environmental guarantee, including a sudden environmental damage clause, an employer's liability clause, or a liability clause for the transmission of contagious diseases.
For owners and tenants of warehouses or office and service buildings, we offer full-damage insurance of the warehouse, tenant's civil liability insurance, as well as specialized insurance of goods in the warehouse, taking into account its value and specificity. Due to the high value of the contents of the warehouse, the insurance policy should be all risk.

The Cliff brokerage office acts as an intermediary in the purchase of insurance for road carriers and the entire shipping industry. In this category, we offer primarily vehicle fleet insurance, cargo insurance, and third party liability of the contractual carrier. For forwarding, the basic type of protection is OCS insurance - third party liability of the forwarder. The forwarder's business liability insurance protects against damage to contractors due to non-performance or improper performance of the forwarding service. Carriers are also subject to voluntary OCP insurance, which protects the cargo against theft, fire or damage as a result of an accident.

At the Cliff brokerage office you will find various offers for personal and group insurance, readily purchased by employment agencies. The most important products in this category include health insurance for employees who have suffered an injury at work. Employment agency insurance must also refer to civil liability towards principals for which the agency recruits employees.

We have prepared special insurance packages for farmers, housing communities, property management companies or owners of premises intended for short-term rental. For example, an insurance policy for a housing community includes insurance for the property of its members, as well as civil liability or civil liability insurance of the management board. For the construction industry, we provide full-range construction insurance packages. They cover different versions of the insurance policy, such as building site insurance or home under construction insurance.

Manufacturing companies have a very large share in our offer, such as producing candles, ceramics or wooden products. We offer them insurance of the production hall, civil liability insurance, or various technical insurance packages covering damages to specialized equipment.

Claims handling

The long-lasting and trapped claims settlement process is difficult not only for private individuals, but also for enterprises. We support companies in conducting talks with insurers, with the aim of obtaining a fair compensation rate for the client. We offer consulting services in the process of collecting the necessary documentation, proving the legitimacy of the claims presented. Thanks to the support of experts from the Cliff brokerage office, you will be able to finish the case faster and on more favorable terms.

Why is it worth using the services of the Cliff brokerage firm?

Intermediation services in concluding insurance contracts save your time and resources. By using the support of professionals, you can be sure that the appropriate policy will be selected according to the characteristics of your company. We offer advisory and analytical care, based on knowledge from many years of practice in brokerage services. The Cliff brokerage office will help you choose your policy with great precision, which results in effective protection against risks of any profile.
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